Developing People – Dhol training

Mela is ensuring that traditional skills in music and dance is available for young people to learn and develop new local talent. 

 Mela has worked with Dhol Frequency which is an established Dhol performing and training group in the West Midlands. They have experience of performing at national and international events. They also provide professional Dhol tutoring to students of all abilities and ages, to maintain this art form and musical heritage.   

Dhol Frequency has created a tailored tutorial programme for students learning in Preston, delivered over a 8 sessions of specialist tutoring and practise time supported by local Dhol players Samit and Deepak. By the end of the 12-week programme the student will be efficiently skilled to play the Dhol solo or as  part of a group. 

The Dhol project aims have been achieved. 13 young people aged between 6 to 16 have a level of Dhol playing competence from the coaching course. The skill level is varied as expected, children learn at different speeds. Some young people can prepare to play the Dhol in public setting.  As part social return all children receiving the Dhol Training will be required to contribute to some public event performances in the future Mela Programme. This will be an excellent opportunity for children to build their confidence in public performance. 

After completing the course all students were presented with a ‘Certificate of Participation’  

All the students will perform at the Mela Main Event on 17th June 2023. An opportunity emerged for the students to perform on Avenham Park as part of King Charles II Coronation Celebrations on Sunday 7th May 2023