Developing People – Concept and Techniques for Traditional South Asian Music project

Lancashire has a huge deficit of specialist South Asian music providers. It is imperative that taster session are available to stimulate interest in traditional music and vocal techniques. Mela collaborated with 3 international UK resident artists specialising in traditional and classical musical and vocal instrumental arts forms to run series of workshops, during the day aimed at young people and adults on the concepts and techniques to use to develop musical skills. 

The workshops were grouped into 3 specialist categories, which include audience participation. The sessions were conducted by a team of highly talented experts, who have performed on international stages.

  • Mr. Vamshikrishna Vishnudas – Vocal (Carnatic singing), 
  • Mr. Prathap Ramachandra  – Percussion (Mridangam), 
  • Mr. Vijay Venkat – Wind instrument (Flute)

The aims of the workshop were.

1. Topromote South Asian Arts through the concept of Mela’s and encourage the development of local talent across age groups and communities.

2. Through structured taster sessions at a one day music event giving Introduction to the artforms. We gave people an insight into techniques and a chance to meet the experts and learn the nuances of South Asian Music.

The programme took place on : Saturday, 10th June 2023, at Gujarat Hindu Society, in Preston. 

The event was be split into two age groupings:

  • 18 Children in the age group of 10 to 17 attended 
  • and 16 Adults attended 

All participants were placed into the 3 groups, spending 40 minutes with each of the experts. This was followed by a Short Concert by the Professional Artists – 4.00pm to 4.30pm at the venue open to all participants.

There was excellent feedback from the participants. All the children who attended the sessions were given ‘Mela Certificates of Participation’.