PCM Festival 2021

Due to the pandemic, for obvious reasons, we were unable to hold this years festival in our regular early summer slot around June. However, the September weather was very kind to us and we had a great day. You could definitely feel the audience were up for it and the programme treated them to an array of dancing, music, art & crafts. Please find below some of the highlights in image & film.

It is great to see many artists being able to come back and perform again for a great crowd.  They city is buzzing again after so long, with families, older people and young people.

Penny, Arts Council of England

The sun has come out now which is absolutely brilliant and you can see a lot of different people from different backgrounds, specially from BAME communities who were born and bred in Preston that represent both cultures. Great to see people enjoying themselves and hope this pandemic does stay away because we need a livelier community. The town and people need it and it shows in the attendance at the square.

Councillor Javed Iqbal, Mayor of Preston

Here is this years film, giving you a taster of what a great day we had.

I have been talking to people as they have been going past. People have been curious about what I am doing. They think I am dancing so I bring them into look at the puppets.  Its lovely because there are people that have never seen this kind of thing before and people that know it.  It brings them back to their culture again ‘oh yes I saw this when I was a little boy.’

Diana Bayliss, Puppetry

Trying to get out into the community and reach out to other communities and people that don’t come into the hospital. Any event that raises our profile and gets us into different communities that we aren’t currently into really help us.  We have had lots of enquiries today.

Macmillan Cancer Support

This is a film about the wonderful artwork that UCLan textile students produced for the festival.