PCM at Kendal Torchlight Carnival & Street Party 2021

Date: Friday 24th September 2021 Torchlight Parade & Saturday 25th Street Party 

Location: Kendal Town Centre & Abbot Hall Park 

Number of Commissions: 13

Number of Artists; 28 plus 22 Kendal College Students 


This is the second collaboration Preston City Mela has had with The Kendal Torchlight Carnival and Street Party. The Mela input bring the cultural diversity of the South Asian Arts to the lake district. Its artists contributions helps to attract local residents from the South Asian heritage and provide new cultural arts experience to new audiences, reflecting the make-up of multi-cultural Britain. PCM had two significant inputs to this programme. 

Kendal Torchlight Carnival

Firstly 22 performing arts students were trained by Abhinandana MK Dance Academy over a two-week period on Bollywood dancing. The students were supplied with traditional costumes and performed on Friday night at the end of the parade grand finale.

All the students were presented with a “Mela Certificate of Appreciation’ for their portfolios.

We were thrilled to welcome Abhi and Preston City Mela to Kendal College for the students to learn a new style of dance. From the first 8 counts the students all had a smile on their face as they learned dance steps from South Asia and Bollywood, lead joyfully and serenely by Abhi. In three short sessions the students learnt three dance pieces to perform, taking on the energy, presence, and grace of the dances. The students loved learning about the culture and background of the numbers, as well as getting to work with props and beautiful costumes that all added to the immersion of the experience.  The dances gave the students a new way of moving that they were all able to engage in and helped develop their confidence in performance. An extremely enjoyable experience that we will treasure, and we hope to be able to work together again in the future.

Kerry Howard – Kendal College

We have enjoyed learning all about Indian culture here at Kendal Torchlight, to
learn about different cultures it was so wonderful of my daughter to have a henna tattoo all the way from India, thank you so much with amazing experience.

Natalie Greenwood LA9 7NFN

Here is this years film, giving you a taster of what a great day we had.

My children have had a wonderful time at the Torchlight my daughters had a henna tattoo on her hand and my son has been working on some woodblock printing and they both really enjoyed getting engaged in the activities. All of the people providing the activities thanks million for on what they’re doing and it’s great for the children to be able to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do and learn something about different culture, and they really enjoyed it I think thank you so much.

Clare LA6 1PT

Kendal Street Festival

Secondly, the 13 commissions and 28 artists contributed to the Street Party activities on Saturday.

This is amazing festival great to be able to get out, the henna that’s brilliant thank you.

Trisha Break LA9 7NA

Here is this years film, giving you a taster of what a great day we had.

I’ve got my two grandchildren here one making flowers and one making a mud and mirror art  and they are totally absorbed in what’s happening here and it’s a great thing you have  brought to my town; because it opens the children’s eyes and ears and hearts the different ways of seeing things and doing things and embracing different culture and being grateful for what other people can show us and teachers so thank you very much for what you’ve done.

Teresa from Kendal

My daughter is five years old and I think bringing in this element of cultural diversity into Kendal is fantastic and I love the crafts it’s really interactive it’s really bright and colourful what a wonderful activity in Kendal thanks very much.

Beth Mason LA9 4SR