PCM at Barrow festival of colours 2022

Mela artists took part in the Barrow Colour of Festival on 1st and 2nd April 2022.

Holi is popular Hindu festivals know as Festival of Spring or Festival of Colours which celebrates the arrival of spring, hence the significance of colours which lifts the mind and sprits 

The celebrations include “Rangwali Holi” where people smear each other with coloured powder or water filled balloons /guns.  Its a free for all and everyone is fair game. The celebration is open to everyone to have some energetic fun. Normally, high pitch music is played Dhols [ large drums 

For Sikhs the festival is known  as “Hola Mohalla”  which means mock fight. Which is held in the Punjab in Anandpur Sahib and show cases the Sikh Marshal arts skills which is called “Gatka 

Preston City Mela worked in partnerships with Barra Culture to show case local artist talents in the Northwest and we are so pleased and really excited to be coming to Barrow and taking part in this beautiful colourful festival. 


Below are 3 short films of the event (with grateful permission from the Barrowfull organisation).