2022 PCM Womens Group – development project

To develop our connections with the Muslim community in Preston we did a series of calligraphy & painting workshops with a group of Muslim women. Across the 5 sessions we looked at calligraphy brush & ink techniques,  sketching techniques, acrylic painting on canvas and film editing techniques.

The conversation started around their sense of individual & group identity and their sense of belonging to the city of Preston. A recording of this conversation became the soundtrack to the film. They were then asked in between sessions to record other sounds in their life and paint elements in their sketch books of items they saw in their lives that were important to them – things they identified with.

Central to the work was the groups interpretation of the 5 daily prayers – each person choosing a prayer to write in Arabic. Eventually this became a 5 minute animated film piece and a series of acrylic landscapes that we focused on an imaginary place of peace.

Some of their sketches were also made into collaged landscapes.

Here below is the film and images of the artworks that were created.