2022 PCM Calligraphy – development project

This project was part of the Mela marketing and publicity, and the final works of art were used to dress the Mela site.

It’s been a privilege to work on this commission to design 4 panels to include the 3 themes of the Mela 2022 programme. The use of the 3 logos were an integral part of the designs. The Calligraphy designs created were to reflect both the theme and the Mela event. Therefore, a mixture of font types were used in the designs and include

  • Historical calligraphy for the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee panel.
  • South Asian type face for the Mela 25th Anniversary – showing the content of the programme in numbers 
  • Historical calligraphy and South Asian style font for the Preston City 20th Golden Jubilee City Status Anniversary. The reason to use the two different font types were to reflect and demonstrate the both the historical status of Preston and the diversity 

All 4 panels were digitally reproduced to A1 size and strategical placed in the Main exhibition marquee, the VIP marquee and around the park to dress the sit

2 of the designs [ Platinum Jubilee and Preston City Status] will be continued to be used at other sites across Preston for the reminder of the year.

Thank you to Brian Whitmore for all of his work on the project.