2022 PCM Boys Group – development project

Identity and belonging in Britain is so challenging if you’re a South Asian heritage in particular Muslim. Young people are surrounded my so many different and challenging influences. This project help to explore some of the challenges of Identity and belonging use arts as a medium to express views.

Preston United worked with a groups of young boys group aged 11 to 14  and individuals were invited to join the project from other established young peoples forums. The project worked with Lancashire Youth Challenge to develop our connections with the Muslim community in Preston on a series of history workshops.

Intergenerational work, young people asked to interview grandparents and parents about their lived experience of migration.

Young people explored the racial tension in Britain over the past 70 years, including lived experiences.

  A 10-minute video of the boys educational workshops was produced and show cased at the Mela project .

Here is the final film.

It’s important to explore who I am and who everyone else is, so then they know me and I know them, because not all people are the same.’ 

Essa Patel aged 11

‘I think it was worth doing the identity project and also that other Muslim boy watching the video will be more confident to know in where they come from and appreciate the background’ 

Hamdan Patel aged 12

‘Personally from this experience of the workshop I learnt about myself, my great great-grandparents and what racism they faced when they aome from India.  I learnt about the history and because of their skin colour brown or black they’re being treated different. My grandad came from India to UK he said that he was a bit hard hard time coming because of his skin colour.’

Adam Bhayat Age 12