Ria presents very casually and calmly an array of painted & drawn works that she has amassed over the last few years. Such confidence is prevelent when people are naturally talented creatively. Input from school teachers has obviously been important but as well as support from her creative (proud) parents she has a natural gift for composition and use of colour. Ria has been drawing ‘forever’, recalling how she has always had the need for creative materials since she can remember. Such desire to create, feeds her determination to ‘do it’ and thus strong technical skills have been established and practice has developed her instinctive stroke work. However the capacity ‘to see’ a great image, is built in.

The winning painting

Ria’s cultural roots spring from the canvas when you consider her colour pallette and her interest in pattern & shape has fed into her stylistic portraits that are similarly influenced by the spiritual nature of abstraction. She is adept at starting from visual references but then taking them to where she would like to go.

As Ria reaches the end of her school years there is inevitably a degree of ‘searching’ evident in her work as she explores new & different subject matter.  As the film above illustrates and conversation with her confirms, she is pretty grounded and seems to have discovered a number of the building blocks towards her future. We can only hope that ‘art’ continues to play a significant role in her journey as she has undoubted talents.

Thanks Ria for entering our talent competition and congratulations on winning. We look forward to seeing how your creative work develops over the years and its great to know that the future Preston City Mela talent pool is in such a healthy state. My advice would be ‘go big’ for a while – working on a large scale would really lend itself to what you do. Maybe dip into the wonderful world of oil paint too and possibly explore some of those mediums that disrupt paint like salt, sugar, glue & oil based inks – inevitably digital tools will be worth pursuing too (the Affinity Suite is great). But above all keep enjoying making!