Prasad is a great example of where creativity & work life reach perfect  symbiosis. His passion for carving began at an early age and his propensity towards long spells of focused concentration meant that he hit the ground running when it came to neurosurgery. Then having to put the carving on hold while developed his medical career, he spent years refining his fine motor skills as a surgeon – and when the carving resumed this of course had led to even more precise & intricate capacity to carve.

As in most places throughout the world. South Asia has a long history of carving, both in terms of sacred monuments and domestic products. The process holds special value in that it’s about the reduction of materials to reveal something special from within. Timber, Prasad’s predominant material, is as natural as it comes and this lends itself to his organic process. Where things emerge from the block in a fluid manner that may reference an image but can change dependent on the grain of the wood.

The film below gives an indication of the peaceful process that Prasad enters into when he does his carving. A period where he can switch off from his intense, but enjoyable & rewarding, medical work and enter into a state of relaxation. Where he can consider everything from the state of the wider world & universal themes to ‘nothing at all in particular’. Like many creatives, Prasad allows himself to get lost in his creative mindset, important time we’ll spent.

Thanks Prasad for allowing us into your world, even if momentarily and a glimpse of your talents. Time spent with you reaffirmed the value of ‘me time’, particularly for someone who spends a great deal of their time ‘saving others’. It also stood out that both these sections of your life share the aesthetic of ‘beauty’ too.