Few creative disciplines convey words like ‘joy’ & ‘energy’ like dance does. Its all about letting yourself go – transporting yourself to another place. As you can see from the film below, Meghna has no problem doing such things.

Truth be told she doesn’t just turn up and do it. Well she did, but, there’s obviously a hell of a lot of practice gone into developing her degree of confidence and the discipline that she showed. Meghna has been dedicated to dance since she was little. Evidently there was also a deal of visual preparation – the outfit had to be right, the hair, the makeup etc.

Admittedly we went for convenience when it came to the location, but it had its own charm, and her energy would brighten any space. Another example of Meghna’s confidence – to rock up to the local park and do what she does best. She explained to me the important role that dance had played in developing her ‘self’ confidence too. Self development that has helped her to progress educationally and seize the opportunity of university studies.

As well as enjoying Bollywood style dancing as illustrated in the film above she has given great dedication to the discipline of Traditional Asian Dance, which she seems particularly proud of. Ultimately Meghna could go on to do all sorts of great things in her life, but we know that dance will still be on the menu somewhere – she obviously loves doing it that much!

Thanks Meghna for sharing your wonderful talents with us, congratulations on being runner up and keep moving.