Egg Rolling at Avenham and Miller Parks

Preston egg rolling event held on Avenham and Miller Parks has been a long tradition going back to more than 150 years with all the thousands of people attending to celebrate Easter programme. Preston City Mela contributed to the entertainment programme of this event, by providing artists and for stage performance and workshops.

Preston City Mela Artistic Input

The artistic input included two stage performances that included Bollywood dances from Abhinanadana MK Dance Group, which included audience participation. The second performance was Vijay Venkat International Artist who played the traditional Indian flute and got children to play along to some of the tunes.

There were 7 workshop artists, who demonstrated traditional Indian arts forms, the participation was non-stop all day with people and children taking part and enjoying the activities.
• ArteeCraft Shreya Ghodke Saree Draping and Photo booth
• ArteeCraft Rakesh Ghodke Kandeel Lantern making
• Jane Blackburn Silk Painting
• Viraj Gandhi Under Water Rangoli
• ArtFull Bernie Velvick Whirling Gems
• Henna Artist Bhagya Reddy
• Henna Artist Nirali Parekh

Below are Images and a short film from the Easter Monday – Egg Rolling at Avenham and Miller Parks held on 22nd April 2019.