Coronavirus statement

Preston City Mela 2020 Extravaganza

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has undoubtedly impacted on the Preston City Mela 2020 programme.  The Mela Board Priority for the coming months is to adhere to the government’s advice on social gatherings. We will be taking guidance and liaising with the Arts Council of England on our programme of activities. 

Furthermore, we acknowledge this is very difficult time for everyone, and the Mela Board will continue to keep are artists and partners updated with any changes, will try our utmost with support that falls within our domain. 

We will use our other Social Media outlets to relay any messages and updates regarding Mela 2020 Extravaganza in the coming months.

We are grateful to our Sponsors [Arts Council of England, Preston City Council, Community Gateway Association], Partners, Artists, Contractors and Contributors for their support and understanding. 

This year we planned for 9 outreach Mela programmes across Lancashire and South Cumbria in collaboration with partners. We will endeavour to fulfil our requirements subject government guidance or reschedule.

Thank you.

Preston City Mela Board