Kendal Torchlight & Street Party Festival 2019

Kendal Torchlight & Street Party Festival 28 09 2019


Kendal Torchlight CarnivalSaturday 28th September 2019

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Kendal Torchlight Carnival has been in existence for almost 50 years, In 2020 it will see its 50th street procession, which has a 2 mile route. The procession is held on Friday evening and on Saturday the carnival moves to street party arrangement.   Kendal Torchlight Carnival works with a number of local arts based and community organisation to stage this event. The main purpose of the carnival is to bring the diverse community of Kendal together and celebrate its heritage and culture.   This is free to the public event and is held in the town centre.


Preston City Mela were involved through collaborative working and commissions, a number of workshops artists, Bollywood dance and Dhol player contributed to the event.  This included: Two [X2] Henna Artists

  • ArtreeCraft – Shreya Ghodke – Saree Booth
  • ArtreeCraft – Nikita MhatreTraditional Block Printing
  • Under Water Rangoli – Viraj Gandhi
  • Ebru Marbling – Banu Adam
  • 3 Henna artists Bhagya Reddy, Manisha Chauhan and Yogni Patel
  • Abhinandana Dance Academy (Traditional & Bollywood dances including audience participation)
  • Deepak Dhol Player and audience participation


From the Mela input, feedback was captured and included:

“Kendal Torchlight Carnival would welcome the involvement of Preston City Mela in our Procession and Street Party. This opportunity would enable us to celebrate diversity and inclusion and build greater social cohesion. We will no doubt learn a great deal from one another. We will work to create an ongoing partnership between our organisations. We come from very different traditions and collaboration within one another festivals would strengthen us both.”

Craig Russell – Kendal Carnival Torchlight Chairman

“This was a brilliant opportunity for Preston City Mela, to work in collaboration with Kendal Torchlight Carnival and Street Party Festival. Having South Asian artists performing and holding workshops on traditional arts certainly added to the culturally experienced of the visitors to the event.”

Gulab Singh MBE DL  – Mela Production Manager


Abhinandana MK Dance Academy

“I am Lisa from Kendal and these girls are absolutely fabulous and beautiful thank you.”

“I am loving the dancing is it Bhangra!  yeah I love it, the Bhangra dancing is just what we need in Kendal real shot of colour and then I’ll be a bit of diversity really love it thank you”     Lilly

“Hi I’m Catherine I live in Kendal I am really pleased to see this type of dances, great performance, lots of colour and diversity is a great thing for Kendal, amazing dancing really good for opening the culture of order. Thank you.”

 “My name is Nancy and I live in Kendal are used to live in Manchester when I first met Indian dance I just think like Jo Cox say there is more unite system devices and there’s nothing like music and the joy of moving to music and the joy of dressings need to music to think this together and I think diversity of Indian dance with expresses that brings together thank you”

“I am Roger from Sunderland we are away here for the weekend and will just watch the beautiful Indian dance,  this is  fantastic gorgeous costumes  its marvellous authentic classical dance”

 Deepak – Dhol Player

“ My name is Claire Walker and I’m the coordinator for the dance groups in the Kendal Street party I’ve just taken part in the Indian drumming session and I thought it was absolutely brilliant I love having this element in the street party it’s just a bit of diversity and it is so much fun”

 “ I know it’s brilliant it’s love the drumming Chris and Martin”

I’m Robin Logan from centre near Kendal originally from London and I just love the diversity in our own culture and music and food”

“I am Alan from the Grange yeah I love Indian drums”

“I’m Gabriel and I really  enjoy this drum it’s kind of different, than what I’m used to play, but it’s very nice thank you”

“Hi my name is Chris, I’m a local council and fantastic time on the drums… Great have always different things you can try and people from different communities coming to Kendal centre we can learn”

“I am  Jonathan Turner and I live here in Kendal, the drumming it’s fabulous it sounds great and great that we get a chance to do it as well thank you very much”

“Mark from Kendal Caravans this is fantastic I’ve never played on the drum before but surely love to do it again thank you”


Mela Arts & Crafts

“Hi, its Rebecca and my family live in Kendal but I live in Preston I think it’s been amazing that my daughters been able to have experiences that she wouldn’t of been able to have anywhere else and especially for the free that we haven’t had to pay for any of it and anything will remember it for a long time”

“Ferne Earnshaw and it’s fantastic like that it’s all free for the kids and a variety of activities that aren’t just from England”


Ebru Marbling

“Hi there my name is Emma and I’m from Plantation Bridge, it’s lovely to be part of this festival let’s see all the different things that the kids will never see anywhere else so Eleanor is having a great time getting involved in everything and it’s really lovely

“The festival was a huge success the atmosphere was amazing, and the event was well organised. As anticipated, we had an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience, for all the participants we spoke to Ebru marbling was a first experience. The activity yet again attracted a diverse audience. Laughter and banter filled the day with many excited “ooohs and wows”, adding to the true spirit of the festival. We estimate approximately 120 participants took part in creating the artwork, ( based on the marbling sheets used). In addition to the participants, many spectated, commenting on finding the process equally fascinating, enjoyable, and therapeutic to watch. We responded to questions about the technique and materials used. Many enquired about future events to which we directed them to the Preston City Mela Facebook page. Thank you once again for including Arts 2 Heal in your events.”

Banu Adams- Project Manager Arts2Heal

Below are Images and a short film from the Kendal Festival – September 2019.