CGA Diwali Mela 2019

Preston City Mela, Community Gateway Heritage Lottery & Gujarat Hindu Society Diwali Programme 2019

Cultural heritage provides a person a sense of belonging and helps to understand the importance of identity. Festivals, help communities celebrate traditions, maintain culture and contribute to wellbeing and avoid social isolation.  For Older people heritage is important aspect of who they are and community celebrations helps cohesion with people from different backgrounds.

This Diwali event is a collaboration with Preston City Mela, Community Gateway Heritage Lottery Programme and Gujarat Hindu Society.

This collaborative programme provided an opportunity for Community Gateway – Independent Living Scheme residents ‘Heritage Lottery Programme’ to reach out and to come together with the Hindu and Sikh community of Preston to share the rich heritage of the local communities, share different cultural experiences and to celebrate Diwali the Indian festival of Lights, throughs traditional arts, crafts, dance, music and food.

The event had targeted older people and their families, which gave an opportunity for cross generation work, sharing of experiences and activities. Over 120+ people attended and took part in the cultural arts programme.

The Diwali celebration was held at Gujarat Hindu Society, Community Centre and Mandir South Meadow Lane, Preston.

Mela Artist Contributors were:


Gayatri Suresh Violinist

Apna Beat – Dhol Players

Abhinandana MK Dance Academy – Traditional and Bollwood Dance performances



  • Terracotta Diya Decoration – Shreya Ghodke
  • Rangoli Design using Fresh Flowers- Rakesh Ghodke
  • Marigold Flower Garland Making – Tapasvi Trivedi

Traditional Henna Artist – Rekha Maru

Traditional Henna Artist – Pravina Mistry

The event was attended by distinguish guest

  • The Worshipful Mayor of Preston Cllr David Burrow
  • The Chairman of County Council Cllr Paul Rigby
  • David Yates Chair, Community Gateway
  • Angela Chappell Relationship Manager Arts Council England and guests


I believe that heritage is really important to everyone self-worth and helps us share with others who we are. Especially, when we celebrate festivals and experience different cultures. This Diwali programme has helped to bring people together from different walks of life and help share some wonderful traditions.

Gulab Singh MBE DL

The Community Gateway Board are please to sponsor this Diwali programme and help our residents share these wonderful experiences.

David Yates Community Gateway Association Chairman

I am having a fantastic time today at the Diwali events which is has been, organise in partnership with Preston Mela Gujarat Hindu Society and ourselves.  Everyone is having fund in an amazing atmosphere and loads of fantastic performance lots of dancing music for everyone to join in.

Paula Lister Community Gateway Housing Association Outreach Support Service Manager

I am Balvantrai Panchal from Gujarat Hindu Society, wishing everyone a happy Diwali and prosperous New Year , this event is wonderful

I’m here celebrating Diwali up in Preston it’s been a fantastic afternoon we had a wonderful lunch and cultural activities, which have been brilliant and to see so many people here presenting work taking part in the workshops as well as the old members of the communities. The   dancing was beautiful and the Dhol players got everyone involved.

Angela Chappell Arts Council England
Fantastic beautiful wish we had this every year, Nat Tailor retired from city council
I am will really chuffed to be supporting today event, great to see so many different people having lots of fun and the dancing was amazing, thank you very much for inviting me today

Jane Howard Communications Manager CG

Kim Graham Preston City Mela Board member,  what a great event,  I have  learned a lot from today I love the vibrant dancers really inspiring I haven’t seen them before properly so that’s great the, girl with the violin was excellent but I think the main thing I’ve taken from today it’s actually bringing different people together to enjoy a celebration maybe think a bit differently about things

Hello, I live in Community Gateway Alexander House, this is been a wonderful experience the last time we came here we had our AGM. it was absolutely and  really enjoyable, the entertainment is brilliant  and the food as well don’t forget the dancing it was beautiful

Joyce Lodge Resident Alexander House

This was an excellent opportunity to bring closers members of the community from both sides and share our rich cultural heritage of celebrating Diwali.

Mr Dashrathbhai Nayee President of GHS