Catch the Wind Festival -Morecambe

Preston City Mela Outreach R&D Project Taster Sessions
Catch the Wind Festival -Morecambe Sunday 30th June 2019

Preston City Mela was invited to take part in the Catch the Wind -Kite Festival in Morecambe Bay, which is an annual festival attaching large audience, in the thousands; to watch impressive kites of all shapes and sizes, flying over the bay.

More Music is a music and education charity, with over 25 years of experience delivering workshops, training, performances and festivals across the district, region and beyond. It is based in the West End of Morecambe and was the lead organisation for the event.

Preston City Mela Artistic Input included:

• Three Bollywood Dance performance by Abhinanadana MK Dance Academy
• Two street and audience participation Dhol performance from PR Dholi’s – Dhol players
• Two stage performance of Bollywood music tunes played Gayatri Suresh on her violin

There were 7 workshop artists, who demonstrated traditional Indian arts forms,

• ArteeCraft Shreya Ghodke Saree Draping and Photo props
• ArteeCraft Rakesh Ghodke kite making
• Arts 2 Heal Banu Adam Ebru Marbling
• Rangoli under water – Viraj Gandhi
• Henna Artist Bhagya Reddy
• Henna Artist Manisha Chauhan

Feedback taken on the day:
Abhinanadana MK Dance Academy

“ I’m Kate and we are mesmerised by the Bollywood dancing especially my three-year-old who didn’t want to leave because he was enjoying watching it so vibrant lovely colours so much energy this be lovely to see that in Morecombe!!!! thank you

“My name is Scarlett Smith Natalie Scarlett Smith .. it was just very moving and it was fun”

“ Hi, I am Mary Kate Smith and I liked it because it was good to dance and there was a load of girls doing it with me”

“My is Tilly and I liked it because it was energetic and fun great”

“Alex Buss from the Sound of That One of the DJs and they’re absolutely love working with Abhi and the girls and brilliant, all the Bollywood dancing and everything actually getting the audience involved brilliant thank you very much”

PR Dholi’s – Dhol players

“I know it was good fun for the family and get people out in the fresh air mixing with different cultures and people like that, yeah its good fun thanks.” Chris Bell

“That’s the first time in all my life I play the Dhol and I really joyed it, thank you very much thank you” Liz Templeman

Where are a YouTube Channel Five-Up…. This is really important because it brings a lot of fun for the children and had a good day and enjoy the music” Malcolm

Gayatri Suresh – Violinist

“Absolutely beautiful and talented musician skills absolutely gorgeous… yeah my name is Liz Tapner I but I used to be a music teacher thank you”

“I think it’s very good” Ann

“ it’s really good, nice bit of diversity” Gary and Nancy

“ This was absolutely brilliant really something different” Alan

“My name is Tracy and I thought you were absolutely fantastic and really enjoyed listening to something different instead of the same thing all the time”

“My name is Margaret Harrison I have never seen a girl be so confident and play a little party song and I’m really enjoying thank you very much”

Below are Images and a short film from the Diversity & Inclusion Festival – UCLan April 2019.